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Scholarship・Opportunities after graduation


  1. 50,000 yen admission fee is waived if you have passed JLPT N4 at the time of admission.
  2. Perfect attendance award for the semester(Every half year).
    No absence and tardiness…10,000 yen.
    Good attendance award (every half year).
    Less than 3 classes absences and/or leaving 3 classes early…5,000 yen.
  3. Perfect attendance award until the time of graduation (No absence and tardiness) 10,000 yen.
  4. High achievers with over 90% attendance until graduation.
    • 2 year advancement course.
      Best achiever 1 student…50,000 yen, High achiever 1 student…30,000 yen.
    • 1.5 year advancement course.
      Best achiever 1 student…30,000 yen, High achiever 1 student…20,000 yen.

Opportunities after graduation

Graduates from our school, who have obtained the “Care Worker" certificate at a university, college or other institution, will be given priority to have a job interview with one of our affiliates. Our school has a partnership with Nagoya Management Junior College which offers a complete Care worker course at their Health & Welfare department.
At the earliest, you will succeed in finding employment at one of our related companies within 3,5 years from the beginning of your studies at our school.